Create Account on Android Mobile for Free

Nowadays you can find several emailing sites on the internet but is one of the most popular email communication sites and most of the people use this platform for any kind of email communication. This is the email platform of Google and always known as the most secure email platform ever. This is always a great invention of Google. Nowadays most of the people are using smart phone especially android operating system. If you have a Gmail account then you can also use your login on your phone. On phone you can also get some exciting features like video chat and much more. You can also create your account on your mobile phone.

Create Account on Android Mobile for Free

Create Account on Android Mobile for Free
Create Account on Android Mobile for Free

Gmail installation on your phone is always free of cost and very simple. Google always allow you to access different services of it’s through your one id but it’s always recommended to create different accounts to access other platform of Google like YouTube. Your phone will always allow you to create Gmail account numbers of times which is always good for the user’s point of view. So now if you want to know how to create account on your mobile phone then you are at the right place because here you will get the whole process of creates Gmail account on your mobile phone. So follow all these steps accordingly to make a Gmail account successfully.

Gmail New account: steps to create Gmail account on your phone:

Your Gmail account is always known as your Google account so when you are going to sign up for Gmail, you can also use the same user name and password as same as your Gmail. You can also access other Google platform like Google Play, Google+ and Google Drive with the same Id and password. If you want to create a new Gmail account or add and existing Gmail account to your phone then simply follow these steps.

Create Account on Android Mobile for Free
Create Account on Android Mobile for Free

1st step:

First of all you need to open your application menu and just visit the Play Store from your Phone. Then go for the search option in the Play Store and search the latest version of Gmail application which will help you to add multiple accounts on your phone.

2nd step:

After downloading the application just install the downloaded Gmail app in your phone and open it through your phone.

3rd step:

Then just tap the menu option which is always available on the top left side corner of your Gmail application.

4th step:

At the top of the menu option you need to just tap the down arrow to the right of your existing username.

5th step:

Then you need to tap on the Add account option then just click on Google option.

6th step:

Then you will see a add account option where you need to put your new account details to create new account on your phone. There the application will ask you to fill up your complete name, mobile phone, user name, address and many more personal details like birthday and Year. After put details then you can click on the next button. After this Google will verify your new account and send you a confirmation option on your phone just confirm it then your account is ready to use now.

Now Gmail premium is also available so if you are using Gmail for your company then you can use the premium version which always allow you to professional business email facility and also provides 30 GB storage facility. It also comes with spam protection and offline support feature. This is the whole process of creating a new Gmail account on your phone so just follow all these steps properly and access your new account on your mobile phone which is always easy to access your emails and you can also add your different Gmail accounts easily on your phone.